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09/18 18:10

New York Daily

This inappropriate behavior by a local soccer league continues to behavior without other authorities of the installation of a light tower etc.In the city park publicly financed, the robbery by the single-minded, special profit group is troublesome, and unlawful.

My purpose in the contact to you is to press the improvement achievement that makes the identity of a master plan that a long time limit passes and a clear park to Gi you. It should contain the return of a natural element and an inclusive amenity to the undeveloped park that was almost forgotten, and disregarded for a long time. I did recover an original coastline by Parks Natural Resources Group only recently or devise a partial master plan that had concentrated to ease it or recalled that I had tried. This project comes out from drier Offerman Park in the state of an unauthorized park user's thinking when agendas of them never completed are made in the intention. The master plan to emphasize the habitat of a natural aim and it beautifully enriches, and the environment and the pavement will make the park welcomed by a lot of different park visitors. Drier Offerman Park is a bird watching, a natural activity, and the child facilities, etc. ruled by the track and field sports place and unoccupied land where it strolls in standing by not doing so that the activity of the misfortune movement is hoped for to there is no amenity for what kind of park patron only a little more, that is, forest easily, and it goes on a picnic now.

Sadly, after the creation in 1962, drier Offerman has hardly received consideration from the park. Indistinctness was proven for her, and the lack of the respect was a proposal above for personal golf links. Moreover, a lot of asphalt private roads and roads ruin the greater part of drier Offerman park site now. Drier Offerman is only misused in a lot of no concerns by a cold-hearted source.

Drier Offerman Park is very productive in birds for adjacent the coastal region of winter in the waterfront as the movement of a rich bird and superb position and Atlantic Ocean Flyway. Origin..a variety of..forest..rich..invasion..weed..infest..lot..dissatisfied..park..good..kind..birds..draw.Drier Offerman is explored every year in December during Christmas Bird Census because of the first-class site and the favor that attracts the birds. I remembered a recent visit seeing Killdeer and rare Eastern Meadowlark and Rusty BLACKBIRD in the field (surprising sighting of movement Peregrine Falcon). The sparrow and the waterfowl were abundant. Offshore of a lot of different duck kinds in Coney Island Creek and the Gravesend bay was seen.

Does it become rich how much if taken to the master plan of "Green" if diversity tidy of birds is attracted when drier Offerman Park is a current state?I referred to the user research done in 1991 done by the social scientist employed by Riverside Park Fund where this park concept was proven: The recreational facilit and the amenity were made to be done in the up-grade, and people supported detaching an outrage and a larger riverbank zone access.

Please refer to integrate my discussions for a natural drier Offerman Park meaning to Raritan Hudson Estuary Ecosystem Restoration Project only. HRE Project named one drier Offerman Park of the site that 13 represented commemorating the coast and the swampy recovery project being authorized by United States of America Congressional Resolution April 15, 1999. A frightening necessity for recovering the ecology of water, the ecology of the coast in wildlife resources (http:/www.hudsonraritanrestoration.org), and the environments is functional and necessary for maintenance and the quality of life of the system for the habitat degradation that was called long along the complex of the ecology of Hudson River.

Drier Offerman Park might be an ideal model for easing and the recovery of the coast and the high ground. These 75-acre parks where the grand sight in the south New York port is offered to a large-scale image change are natural. A rich ecosystem of the tidal flat or the coast, and improved it is afforested, and the possibility for the bush and the environment that grows up to increase the waterway and the shore is one of the utmost importance.

Please protect this city park from commissioner Benepe, a further decline, and development. Please prevent development with an unlawful future that depends on a self-regard party, and please it is taken, and make the master plan of a natural aim of the balance for the position of this important coast. Drier and # 8211 When Conceptual Master Plan is fixed, Offerman needs your help. Frightening Riverside Park acts as the candidate in the park where it faced a terrible surprisingly coast now Manhattan before after the investment plan restores the park from Conceptual Master Plan. Similarly, it was possible to visit for drier and # 8211; Offerman Park。 (history of riverside park)

New..state..recover..Brooklyn Bridge..spring..creek..landfill..park..conversion..marine..center..enhance..Brooklyn..recover..park..success..example..exceeding..New York..City..people..critical..necessary..outdoors..refuge..have.Please make drier Offerman Park part of the success story.
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